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Client:  Danni
Country: Australia (JAN 2018)
Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments:  Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) & Lip Fat Transfer
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Thushan 

26 Year Old No Kids, no Shape & No Ass 😦

I have an apple shape body. Y’all apple ladies feel me when you look in the mirror and you have basically no booty it’s flat, so I’ve decided to get my Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL and have sorted my consultation for the 15h of December with Dr Thushan in Sri lanka (, he’s one of the top surgeons over there and the fact that he has done his training in Australia makes me feel whole a lot better. I’m excited and nervous and hope that once I meet him and see other BBL’s he’s done I’ll have the confidence to actually do it. I researched all the necessary things I will need. Top tips order a female urinal, so I don’t have to bend to pee and buy online a booty buddy to protect the new booty. I felt like I had done 5000 push ups after the procedure and was really sore and swollen.

It’s now a few months on and I’m really loving my results especially my tummy and waist was worth that pain and my butt is in better shape than before, which is good.  I’m happy with the waist as for buttocks, I know I was super flat to start with but kinda wish it was bit more rounder, but I’ll give it time and start excising my glutes to get an even better shape. Thank you Jane for your support and Dr Thushan for making this happen and giving me this new body and new Colombo Curve BBL.

Ask for more before and afters.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Sri Lanka buttocks Cosmetic surgery
Colombo Curve Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Sri Lanka

Please ask to see my photos. Interested to find out more Interested to find out more
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Client:  Daniel
Country: NZ. (MAY 2017)
Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments: Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery)  + Chin Augmentation
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip 

I had a fantastic experience and the whole process fulfilled all my expectations. Both my doctor and coordinator were exceptionally helpful leading up to my surgery. The surgery itself was a complete success, and the results were pleasing. My only critique would be the unfair pricing placed by the Hospital which were of no sense whatsoever, i.e. charging over for ‘other services’ which were not explained at all when asked. Apparently the taxes.

Other than that, the services provided by Dr. Dulip and Jane were quintessential. I loved the whole experience and it is with great honesty that I say my cosmetic procedure in Sri Lanka was a life changing event and for those that are considering it, I highly recommend this place.

Mr. Daniel.  MAY 2017.  Please ask to see my photos. Interested to find out more Click here – Request a review for cosmetic surgery
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Client:  Nayani
Country: NZ. (Feb 2017)
Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments: Rhinoplasty, Nose Tip Elevation + Buttock Augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift)
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip 

Ever since I inquired through this website for Dr Dulip, I was constantly in communication with Jane who explained everything  to me regarding the treatment and procedures that gave me the confidence to go ahead.

When I met Dr. Dulip and discussed, my confidence boosted with his knowledge and work, and I also decided to have my Buttock adjusted in addition to the Rhinoplasty surgery I had already planned.

Since I came from New Zealand and had only 17 days off from my work, both Dr.Dulip and Jane arranged my surgery in quick time so that I have enough time to rest after the operation.

The  Hospital where I was admitted, had world-class facilities and excellent service with friendly and helpful staff.  Both of my operations were conducted at the same time very successfully and professionally.

Nose surgery tip elevation and straightening Dr Dulip Sri Lanka
Nose surgery tip elevation and straightening

I thank Dr. Dulip for his wonderful ability and true professionalism displayed and also Jane who always kept in contact and checked on me both before and after the surgery. I’m extremely happy with my surgeries and the new look I have gained is a long awaited dream come true.

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Client Name: Anna
Country: Australia
Consultant Plastic Surgeon : Dr. Dulip. Oct 2016.
Cosmetic Surgery + Treatments:  Fat graft to face and lower lips + PRP full face and Lip fillers + Scar revision + liposuction waist.


The personal care and attention given to me from first contact with Jane to my return to Australia it was like been taken by the hand and guided and looked after all the way through and she never lets go of your hand at any time. Without Jane’s help this trip to Sri Lanka for cosmetic surgery would not have been such a smooth and wonderful journey (Stress free!). I could not have done it with out her.

fat graft to face and lips dermal lip filler PRP Cosmetic Surgery Sri Lanka
fat graft to face and lips dermal lip filler PRP Cosmetic Surgery Sri Lanka
Tummy Tuck Scar liposuction
Tummy Tuck Scar Revision to remove uneven ends of the original scar from a previous surgery and additional body contouring with Liposuction waist.

It’s been my best cosmetic surgery trip to date and I have previously had medical procedures in Thailand and Malaysia. I am so happy with my results and will now enjoy my life, so much more, with my lovely new face and glowing skin. Your services and my treatment was far beyond my expectations in Sri Lanka. Please know how much I appreciated all you have done, plus the extra travel arrangements in Colombo and the coastal retreat in Galle.  I simply can’t put it all in to words.

I am very happy with Dr Dulip and will never go anywhere else again, other than Sri Lanka. I can’t wait to tell my friends and family to back at home.

I felt like Dr Dulip really looked at me as an individual and I was given a truly unique surgery,  not something just packaged for a nip n tuck, but a bespoke treatment for my needs to address my concerns, along with a tidy up of my tummy tuck scar and some extra liposuction which was wonderful to complete my surgery.

I feel amazing and was so thankful to be so well looked after. Please let Dr Dulip know I am over the moon.  He knew exactly what was best for me and the results speak for themselves.  I’m sure I have also saved around 40% of what the treatments would have cost in Thailand or Malaysia too.

The biggest thank you to the wonderful surgeon Dr Dulip and Dr Carmel, their staff and the beautiful care given by Jane from start to end.



Client: Catherine.
Country: UK (Feb 2017)
Cosmetic surgery + Treatments: Tummy tuck + Nose Reshaping to Straighten Nose and Tip (Rhinoplasty) + Cheek Implants + Botox + Dermal Fillers 
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip

I was very happy with the whole experience and would definitely return in the near future for further required procedures. The only negative for me was that not all the nurses on at night, could speak good English, so sometimes a bit difficult to communicate, but that did not stop them providing to all my needs! A small price to pay for the big saving you save on surgery.

Dr Dulip was excellent. I’m very happy with my results, just waiting to see my final results in a few months time. Sri Lanka was amazing and I will come again.

Nose Straightening and-tip refinement - Open Rhinoplasty
Nose Straightening and tip refinement – Open Rhinoplasty

Nose Straightening and tip refinement – Open Rhinoplasty

Cheek implants Sri Lanka
Cheek implants Sri Lanka
Tummy Tuck Sri Lanka
Tummy Tuck

Client: Catherine. Country: UK (Feb 2017)
Treatment:  Root Canal Treatment + Crowns | OCT 2016

I had a root canal treatment in the UK and now I’ve had it done in Sri Lanka, I will only choose Sri Lanka over the UK anytime for my dental work! The dentist was very professional and compassionate. I would definitely return again and best of all I had no pain after! I was extremely satisfied with my dental work.


Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from Canada Tummy Tuck Liposuction
Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from Canada

Client: Sonja Smart, Age 43, Canada
Treatment: Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) | Nov 2015
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip

I have struggled with a huge belly falling over like an apron for the past 8 years or so…working out weekly, trying fad diets…just never seemed to get the right recipe to lead that healthy life. As you know I have never been a pro-cosmetic surgery person, but having met Jane and seeing how her patients’ lives change to lead the best life, I on my own decided it was something I would like to consider.

Jane walked me through several examples, the good, the bad, the ugly, the good! Finally after meeting with her Doctors, Surgeons, etc. I made the decision. I am just less than a week away post-ops but already I feel awesome. What was the most amazing thing is that pre and post I needed a lot of support, more than just my family. Jane guided me through the diets, mind frame, body pains, comfort, etc. – she managed my expectations at every level. In fact, the first word I had uttered out of the surgery room is “Where’s Jane?”

It’s one thing to book in a clinic and just go for it, but it’s a whole other dimension when you have that person to support you all the way, answer every question, prepare you for it with time and patience, have your family prepared with what to expect and continuous hand-holding even after. 

Jane is also very genuine and a kind caring person, her company’s services reflect the same!

I would recommend everyone to use Cosmetic Clinic Colombo if you want to have a comfortable experience with the results you require and to ensure that all your expectations are met!

Afters coming soon:
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Surgery in Sri Lanka Tummy Tuck Liposuction
Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from England UK

Client: Toby Craig, Age 46, UK
Treatment: Abdominoplasty (Male Tummy Tuck) + Liposuction | Nov 2015
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip

Cosmetic Clinic Colombo answered all my questions and gave me the information I needed to come to Sri Lanka for my stomach surgery. Dr Perera made me feel like any worries I had should be laid to rest. Naturally, I had queries, which he helped me to understand were not anything to be adding unnecessary stress about. He was patient and took the time to explain everything to me. Jane a model of professionalism; an excellent ambassador.



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Botox Fillers Liquid facelift non surgical in Sri Lanka
Botox and fillers Surgery in Sri Lanka from England UK

Client: Paul Davis, Age 46, UK
Treatment: Dermal Fillers + BOTOX | DEC 2015
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Thushan

I am travelling in south and south-east Asia and was fortunate to find Jane who helped me book my appointments and make everything a breeze. I am over the moon with my refreshed look at such great prices.

I did have some initial swelling, but then I ended up with a very good result. The treatment was painless and I am all ready for the new year.

Interested to find out more Click here – Request a review for cosmetic surgery
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Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from the Maldives
Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from the Maldives

Client:  Alan.  Age 25.  Maldives
Treatment: | Liposuction Chest |  June 2016
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip 

 I would highly recommend arranging your surgery with help from Jane and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone interested in doing a cosmetic surgery in Sri Lanka.  I found the website after doing a search on google and was impressed with the quality of information and care and attention given to plan my surgery with Dr. Dulip. I was happy to get  quick responses to all my questions.

I really feel that having surgery with such a highly skilled surgeon in Sri Lanka was really good value.  I’m still improving each day, but I have to say that my treatment experience was perfect and I am very pleased with my results so far.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from the Maldives
Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from the Maldives

Client: Priyanty | Maldives
Treatment: | Cosmetic surgery |  Mar 2016
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Thushan

I had the chance to be operated by Dr. Thushan and his team, who were all bright lights. They were  professional, assisting and providing me with support before and after my operation in March 2016.I had been researching online about which country to go to and I was directed to your webpage when I searched  in Google.  Your online service and response was fantastic. So as all family living in Sri Lanka final decision was to consider Sri Lanka.I am grateful for such amazing work, which was performed on me during my admission and now I see the fantastic results a few month later,  which has kept a  smile of satisfaction on my face.Dear Dr. Thushan,  I wish you health and success in your professional and personal life. Thank you, I feel lucky to be your patient.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka
Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka

Client: Mr. FM.  Age 24 |  Sri Lanka
Cosmetic Surgery Treatment: | Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia)|  Mar 2016
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Thushan

Many thanks for the care and attention given to me, to help me understand the procedure. I have been unhappy with my body for some time. This has been a real comfort to me and I’m

100% satisfied with your service and hope my dream may come true, at last.

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Client:  Mr Romesh, 26-29 yrs, UAE
Treatment: | Liposuction | SEPT 2016
Plastic Surgeon: Dr Dulip
Surgery: Gynaecomastia

I was suffering from the Gynaecomastia for last 15 years. I was not able to share this issue with anyone, as it was not a common issue for all and it was strange for me. I was not able to be confident even with my family or friends. 

I used to search about this issue in websites. I tried to find out about experienced plastic surgeon consultants in Sri Lanka that did this. Finally, I was able to found a lot of info about Dr Dulip Perera online who does corrective treatment for my issue and importantly is a qualified and very experienced senior consultant plastic surgeon in National Hospital in Sri Lanka. 

Later on tried to find a way to contact the Doctor and I drop a mail to this mail address, where I got a reply from a person called Jane, who turned out to be my good friend and best well-wisher of mine now. I started to share my issue with Jane, while I was in the UAE and Jane always sent a prompt reply back to me after conveying my all concerns to Doctor. Jane is the one who always took care of me from the beginning till this moment. Jane is a very supportive person and very kind person. Before I arrived in Colombo to meet the surgeon, as per the Doctor’s advice I had to send some Photos and pre-operation test reports to be checked to make sure I was ok for surgery and I was allocated a particular date for my surgery once my reports were reviewed. All this was arranged, while I was in UAE. 

As planned I was able to do the surgery successfully. I was admitted only one night in a Hospital and went back to my home in Sri Lanka the next day. The surgeon recommended some medication thereafter and advised me to come for a review before I fly back to the UAE, which I did to check everything was ok after my procedure. 

As of now I perfectly alright and back to normal. I don’t have the nerves now like earlier and have a new confidence and without any hesitation and feel more comfortable. 

So I’m 100% happy with the Doctor, staff and the medical treatment I received for my condition.

And 100% happy to recommend using Cosmetic Clinic Colomno to a friend, colleague or family member considering surgery. 

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Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from the England, UK. Liposuction whole body.
Cosmetic Surgery in Sri Lanka from the England, UK

Client: Sita, Age 50, UK
Treatment: Whole Body Liposuction

Interview with Sita:

Sita a Sri Lankan lady, who lives in the UK, chose to come to Sri Lanka for – a Whole Body Liposuction.

Her decision to come to our Sri Lanka was made after looking into several aspects – the British qualified surgeon, the cost, the quality of care and the facilities.

After all her research and emails to Jane, she chose to do her surgery in Sri Lanka.

Absolute complete care 

Sita explains “The care I received was as good as any you would get in Europe.  I chose Sri Lanka, as I have many Sri Lankan friends and family that recommended the private hospital, it is clean and the care and service is second to none.”

Removing those stubborn ‘bad bits’

I have been lucky to have very young skin and quite a youthful

Sita relaxing on the day of her cosmetic surgery for whole body liposuction
Sita relaxing on the day of her cosmetic surgery for whole body liposuction

appearance.  However, almost reaching half a century, some things begin to droop south and a little help is required. When in clothes I was able to conceal my “Bad bits”, even though I was never grossly overweight, but these bad areas really bothered me, and got me down.

I’ve had some cosmetic surgery in the past in the UK and by comparison I have to say the whole process was very good. Even down to the follow ups after the surgery. I met the doctors several times as part of the aftercare plan.’ 

My amazing new contoured shape at almost 50!

“I’d had some liposuction before, but only a small area, having the front and back done may have been a bit more ambitious than I had initially thought I was much more bruised than I had expected and sitting down for the first few days after was an effort. The first day and night is uncomfortable and everything hurts, especially if you choose to have lipo on your buttocks, sitting down is no walk in the park. HoweverI can clearly see the improvements and am really very pleased

Obviously, people using private hospitals in the UK, pay heavily for the privilege and the cost can be as much 2 to 3 times more.  I personally think that  Sri Lanka  was more than acceptable and my surgery results are fantastic.

I would have no problem in recommending to any of my British friends or any one else, to come to  Sri Lanka to do cosmetic surgery especially as they could do the surgery and have a nice tropical holiday at the same time.

Sita Nov, 08

If you are interested to find out more Click here – Request a review for cosmetic surgery
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Client:  Joanne, 28. UK, 2007
Treatment:  Extended Tummu Tuck, Liposuction to Arms, Back and Thighs
Plastic Surgeon: Dr Dulip & Dr Thushan

The prices were fantastic and my partner was put in an adjoining room. The food is first class and the prices are soooo low. The whole hospital team and Jane are constantly visiting you and assuring you all is ok, and making sure there is nothing that you want.  
Surgery in Sri Lanka absolutely fantastic – I WOULD RECOMMEND

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Client:  Helen, 28. New Zeland, 2007
Treatment: Breast Augmenation with Lift, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction
Plastic Surgeon: Dr Dulip & Dr Thushan

My treatment and stay was everything I expected and more.  I was made to feel at ease and valued by all the staff members.

I fully appreciated being shown my room and the other facilities before actually checking in.  It was also a huge relief to have Jane on hand whenever I had questions as not only could she help with my arrangements but she was also very helpful with my overall Sri Lankan experience.

My surgeons were professional and friendly – at no point did I feel worried or concerned with the treatments that they were going to perform.  Dr Miranda provided me with the reassurance of excellent pain management and stayed in contact with me throughout my stay and even after I left Sri Lanka to ensure I was 100% comfortable.

Since being back in New Zealand I have discussed my Sri Lankan experiences and answered many questions from women interested in travelling to Sri Lanka for similar procedures.  

Many thanks once again for a truly life changing experience. – It’s great to feel like 28 and not 48!

If you are interested to find out more Click here – Request a review for cosmetic surgery
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