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Anne’s Facelift Video Diary – Sept 2017

Follow Anne’s highs and lows over the last 2 weeks, as she reveals all her emotions, whilst she heals and recovers from her Facelift surgery in Sri Lanka.

Day 1 starts with her recommendations after her Consultation with the plastic surgeon. Then Day 2, her Surgery Day and her First Week’s Recovery with some pampering on post op Day 8 in Colombo.

Final results are seen around the 6 month mark.  But most of the swelling will reduce in the next 4 weeks. Please follow our videos over the coming months.

DAY 1 : Consultation with the plastic surgeon

Bespoke treatment recommendations for surgical facial rejuvenation.

Client Name: Anne Country: NY. USA Age: 55 Surgery: Sept 2017.

Recommended treatments: Facelift combined Patrick Tonnard and SMAS (Mid-Face + Neck Lift) + Fat Transfer upper lips

Surgery cost: *Rs. 890,000  (Approx. US$5,800)

*Each surgery is different and individually billed. Surgery prices are estimated for each client’s specific treatments following a consultation with the plastic surgeon. 

DAY 2 : Surgery Day Transformation Monday – Face lift Surgery 

1st Week POST OP : Recovery from my Facial Rejuvenation Cosmetic Surgery.

Anne’s Facelift Surgery first few days 


Sharing as much as possible to give every detail of the snap shots of my recovery. Be ready for my bruises and plenty of swelling. A little bit of a lull before I begin to feel so much better after the first 5 days.


DAY 8 : Post op feeling much better. Mani and pedi at Colombo Courtyard Spa. 

Time for relaxation and some pampering – much needed R&R.

“Surprised by how fast I’ve healed.  It’s only day 8 post op.”
Anne. Country: NY. USA. Age: 55. Sept 2017.


Visit again soon for more videos of Anne’s follow-up with the plastic surgeon and R&R in Sri Lanka.  Final results around the 6 month mark. But most of the swelling will reduce in the next 4 weeks.

Face lift Cosmetic Surgery Sri Lanka
For more details email: CosmeticClinicColombo@gmail.com





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