Request a review for surgery in Sri Lanka



We offer a FREE review and estimation and a FREE procedure guide.
In the form below please describe what you are interested to change and to help with your assessment we need to know your:
– Age
– Height
– Weight
– If you are taking any prescribed medication that you are taking
– If you have any known health conditions and
– If you are a smoker

If possible also send photos to the email below for the surgeon to review to give a more accurate recommendation for you.
Simply email : 


Please read the disclaimer here before submitting your enquiry.

Once we receive your form or email, we will discuss your case with your preferred plastic surgeon and reply back with the surgeon’s recommendation and estimation for your surgery.


  1. Access to expert plastic surgeons in Colombo, who have;
    –  Worked and trained locally and  internationally
    –  Kept up to date with the latest medical aesthetic techniques,
    –  Are fully qualified with many years of experience for cosmetic and aesthetic treatments
    – Have international plastic surgeon memberships
  2. Find out more about your preferred treatment, before you meet the plastic surgeon when you enquire online
  3. Ease of making an appointment, with no payment required until the day of your consultation, at selected private clinics sessions.

24 thoughts on “Request a review for surgery in Sri Lanka”

    1. Hello thanks for getting in touch – just sent you all the info. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great weekend.

  1. Hello! I am 24, 5 “4 , 48 kg , looking for nose straighten and plus dimple on a face, and also to increase or bigger butts, please help me on this matter!

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